Wicca for the Wise Witch

Wicca for the Wise Witch

Wicca for the Wise Witch

Not just for Wicca. That is just in the name. 

This is a revised and expanded version of the first book.


Are you looking for your next book on Wicca or becoming a Witch? 

Are you looking for answers on how to be safe in your practice, no matter your tradition?

Do you think that you want to be a Witch 

or have you been practicing from books for years?

Either way, Wicca for the Wise Witch is the book you need. 

It is a book of tried and true information,  

giving you the background and base on which to 

build your own path, according to Lady StarFire.

This is not the usual book teaching you spells and rituals.

The author teaches you about being a “good” witch 

and being responsible for everything you think, say and do.

This book does cover all of your basics,

your altar, divination, animal magic, planetary charts and much, much more.



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