A Year & A Day - Learning the Old Ways

A Year & A Day

A Year & A Day - Learning the Old Ways

Lady StarFires 3rd Book:

 Are you looking for a Pagan Teacher? 

Have you wanted to take my classes?

 Do you think that you want to be a Witch or

are a Witch, but just need some formal training?

Here are my classes in book form. It is a Year and A Day, 

minimum commitment. You can take as long as you need. 

This is a book of tried and true information,

 giving you facts, ethics, and Pagan history. It will give you 

a firm foundation on which to build and find your own path, 

with the guidance of Lady StarFire.

This is a companion to Wicca for the Wise Witch, 

which is required reading for these classes.



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